Thursday, April 9, 2015

Students taking journalism course, not interested in becoming a journalist...
We have come to an era where internet has revolutionised the way in which journalism works. Anyone who owns a laptop, computer or even a cell phone can be an active source of news. Today the people don’t rely on the traditional means to get news and information. We do not have to wait for the next edition of the newspaper to update us about an issue going around in the world. Advancement in technology has led us in a place where we as ordinary people can also contribute in giving news and dispersing it to other people through the internet. The popularity gained by the social media helps us in how we perceive the news today. Before it used to be a one sided news only but now since everyone can contribute in this process through the social media, it is not one sided anymore. While it can be beneficial to us, some journalists find it as a threat to their professions.  Since everyone can be a journalist through their own means. But the main thing is that one needs to follow the ethics in disseminating news.  Students who end up taking the course of Journalism not being interested in being a journalist is a growing concern these days. 
Currently, the youths of Bhutan are mostly not interested in being a journalist. Majority of them want to be a doctor, engineer or an architect.  Yeshi Choden, a student who is currently a journalism student in Bangalore when asked if she wanted to be a journalist, answered, “I’m currently in the second year after taking this course and i still do not feel like i want to be a journalist. I have no idea where i am headed for now.”
“Our country needs to improve the media sector so that we have a chance in getting jobs in the job market and many students will be interested in becoming a journalist”, says Yeshi.
 Our media is not as strong as the media in other countries. Majority of students in Bhutan don’t usually take up media course. The only college which offers a journalism course is Sherubtse College which started only from 2012. Currently the first batch of Media students from Sherubtse College is still yet to graduate in June 2015. Ugyen Choden, a student from Sherubtse college who is taking Media studies says, “My actual ambition was to become a Chef but since our country does not offer such course and going abroad would be too much pressure on my parents, I decided to take this course since I could not qualify for other science courses.” Many of the students who are taking the course of B.A in Media studies and English are students who took science stream during their High School days. Phuntsho Choden, also a student of Sherubtse College taking Media Studies says, “I took Science stream but now I ended up taking a B.A course. Some of my friends tease me about why i took science stream if I were to take B.A course.”
While there are those students who took this course seriously so that they can be good journalists and help the citizens. Deki Dolkar, a journalism student says, “I took this course because I wanted to do something for the people. I like writing and this course interested me since it provided a medium for those people who are un noticed and forgotten. Some are not interested in becoming a journalist because of the declining image of the media. Print Media is losing its charm, people focus more on rumours and gossips. Some, they choose this course because they had no other choice while others lack confidence to speak and explore. We live in such a country where people are shy and reserved. People are reluctant to speak up. We have to break this barrier and speak up.” The Bhutanese society is such a society where the people are brought up in such a way that people don’t usually speak up for themselves let alone speak up for others.
Rinchen Zangmo, a journalism student says, “I’m taking this course of Journalism because i got qualified for it and did not qualify for other courses. This course in Sherubtse attracted me not because I wanted to be a journalist but because it had a combination subject of Literature.” The course of journalism in Sherubtse College has a combination subject of English literature. The students not only have to study the subjects of journalism but also the English literature as a whole. 
So, by expanding the Media’s horizon and by making it a strong institute, it can encourage the youth to look up to it. By taking measures in improving our media sector and by giving chance to the people who want to speak up. If the current status of the Bhutanese Media is raised to a whole new level and made popular among the growing youths of this country, they can look up to it and  be interested in the profession of being a journalist.

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