Sunday, August 31, 2014

Start of College life at Sherubtse.
The hallways of Sherubtse College get crowded as a huge number of fresh faces fill it up. This year the College has an intake of about 700 students.
These fresh high school graduates who got through to Sherubtse have finally started to begin their college life. For most of the students, college life will be the first time for them to be living away from their family and experiencing life on their own. Most of the students get excited while there are those few who are homesick. This change in the phase of life is something which every student must experience before going out into the real world.
Deki Phuntsho who just finished high school from Jamphel Higher Secondary School is now starting her college life at Sherubtse College taking Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. Since this is the first time for her being away from her home she said  “ I was excited at first to be coming to Sherubtse but now all that excitement has faded. I want to go home and be with my family” and ended it with a sigh. She added “But since I have to to make it here on my own, I have to adjust here”. And lastly with a smile she says “I hope Sherubtse will treat me well.”
 While some are missing their home and sulking, there are those who have adjusted quite well with the place and are excited to see what comes out of Sherubtse. One such girl is Tshering Pem, also taking Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. She says “I’ve loved it here since my arrival at the hostel. I did not expect the seniors here to be so welcoming and nice since I heard the rumours of the raging trend that’s been going on in Sherubtse.”  When asked about what kind of changes she has experienced after coming to Sherubtse, she said “It is completely different from my school life. I feel quite free here without anyone scolding me for what I do.”  “I’m expecting a lot of interesting things to happen during my stay here at Sherubtse” laughs as she says it.

College life may seem difficult and lonely for some but for others it is the time to enjoy and make new friends along with studies. Since Sherubtse College is known as the peak of learning institute, it will be producing a lot of productive citizens for the country.