Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scary path to Om Bha Ye in Trashi yangtse. 

To be one.
Upon your name, people quiver
We have not seen you
Yet we still believe.
You tell us to behave in so many papers
 You tell us about life through other beings
But why are people still causing havoc, in your name.
We were born as one
But the world divided us in colours
Are we still not your children?
Children, we say but worse than the devil himself.
Awakening the demon inside.
Even Lucifer would seem small
For he had just pride
We, with all the sins any man could ever commit.
Come before us again
To create a new world without misery.
Surrender, we shall not
For we still have faith
Faith is what binds us together.
Faith will lead us to you.
Children, we bear shall not corrupt
With faith they will grow
To create a world with peace.
A dreamer, you may say I am
But I am not the only one
With hope that someday you’ll join us
And the world will be one.

This poem which i wrote is about man getting corrupted through time. About human beings causing misery and problems to each other while a ray of hope still exists for those with faith. Faith in the almighty, so that one can truly attain peace through this and work together in creating a better place to live in.