Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Truth or just rumours.
A lot of stories about ghosts and spirits keep on spreading from one student to another through time. It still isn’t clear if these stories are really true or just rumours.
Before coming to the college many students have heard stories of Sherubtse College. Stories about the ragging system which was going on in the past but the one that caught the students’ mind are the ghost stories. For some they may not find it scary while for some it is frightening. A lot of ghost stories are being circulated among the students and many believe it. Few places which are said to be haunted are: the area above the Degree Hostel2 near the water tank, the small pond in the B.Sc Peach garden, the junction near the boys hostels, the junction where the Namgyel Khangzang was built recently and hostel such as Thuptenling and Tshogayling.
Sonam Pelom, a college student taking Political science and Sociology currently in her third year said “I heard a lot of ghost stories from my friends. I do believe in ghosts and so I tend to believe these stories. I heard about two boys who got drunk late night. They were walking along the road and a strange dark figure started following them. They looked back and it disappeared suddenly and appeared in front of them. I think it was near the junction below the boys hostel.” She shared another story which one of her friend experienced, “It was during one of the department gatherings when my friend and another friend came back late at night to the hostel. My friend said she saw a girl with long hair sitting on the bench below the Tshogayling hostel. She tried showing the girl to her other friend but she did not see it. My friend was the only one seeing the figure of the girl. They got scared and quickly ran to their hostel chanting prayers.”
Dechen Pem who graduated last semester from Sherbtse College said that one night when she was walking alone near the Director’s house which is just above the Namgyel Khangzang Chorten, a huge shadow figure kept following her. She said there was no one around and she got scared. Since then she always took the long way to the hostel around the college.
There are stories going on about the hostels being haunted as well, Tshogayling in particular conducts annual rimdro. So just because Tshogayling hostel is the only hostel in the entire college to conduct the rimdro, people say it is haunted.
While most students get scared hearing these stories there are some who do not believe it. Tashi Choden, a third year student taking Economics and Sociology said “all these stories being spread may just be rumours. I do believe in ghosts and spirits but I’ve never encountered one. I feel that such experiences are a work of our mind when we are scared.”

Almost every place has a history of stories being spread which keeps changing through time. Ghost stories and experiences from past students keep on spreading to the next ones and the ones after that. We may never know if such stories are actually true or just rumours.

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